our secret sauce


Founder & CEO

Nickname: Boss Lady
Favorite Product: Just CBD
What the Products Help Me With: Overall wellness and sleep
Passions: Helping Others, Adventure, Travel, Design
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: “Our inclusive culture, talented team, and ability to make lives better EVERYDAY!”


Operations Manager

Nickname: Schu
Favorite Product: Anything produced by Honey Root
What the Products Help Me With: Pain, Anxiety... Helps me relax
Passions: Helping People, Biking, the Great Outdoors
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: “Grateful Green is on the forefront of creating change within the community by providing Lincoln with a healthy alternative to traditional over the counter medication. We help our guests with problems they have been having for years which is extremely rewarding. My favorite part about Grateful Green is how passionate the TEAM is.”


Store Leader, Omaha

Nickname: Vero, V
Favorite Product: Puff Co Proxy
What the Products Help Me With: "Dab connoisseur!! The proxy allows me to use both flower AND concentrate to its fullest degree! Adaptable as a hand pipe or a water pipe, it’s versatility is everything and I love that it looks like a little trash can!"
Passions: "GOBLIN MODE, as well as empathy for all!"
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: "Grateful Green has allowed me to not only find my people, but to create a community and environment for others to feel just as welcomed!"


Store Leader, Ralston

Nickname: Nathan
Favorite Product: Space Gods
What the Products Help Me With: "The products help me with anxiety issues and they are fun too!"
Passions: "My passions are writing, gaming, and storytelling in any medium."
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: “I love working here because of the great people, good vibes, and wonderful products.”


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: "I just kinda go by Jesse. hahaha"
Favorite Product: "Ghost D11 Blackberry Kush Disposable and Ocho Extracts Tropicana Cookies Cartridge"
What the Products Help Me With: "Managing my social and situational anxiety. I also use it for boosting my creativity and confidence in the music field."
Passions: Audio Engineering, Music Production, Cannabis Research, and Automotive Research/Modification
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: "It’s so much more than just a “job” to me. It’s become part of my lifestyle and has played a huge part in my personal growth. Working here at Grateful Green is like being part of a vast and diverse community of talented and educated people who all share the same love for cannabis and it’s benefits!"


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: "Mike, Mikey, Michael (doesn't matter)"
Favorite Product: "Stiiizy products. Specifically the x-blend pods."
What the Products Help Me With: "Pain Relief, Sleep, Appetite Loss"
Passions: "Video Games/Video Game Development. Cannabis."
"Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: “I love working here at Grateful Green because I get to see everyone's beautiful faces and am able to help guests find a better alternative to aid their medical needs.”


Store Leader, Beatrice

Nickname: “Everyone Here calls me Nat, but I’ve gone by so many different nicknames.”
Favorite Product: “I enjoy a higher potency Indica that builds well. Right now, I’m enjoying the Honeyroot Knockout Blend: Unicorn Piss (Indica),”
What the Products Help Me With: “For me, it's about sleep, pain relief, and relaxation. I often use our products to meditate and slowly work through my problems.”
Passions:” In my Free time I play video games, crochet, watch rocket launches religiously, and enjoy the sciences. I am a Nerd, no doubt about it.”
Why I Love Working at Grateful Green: “I love being part of this community and being in a company that pushes the education of our products. Knowing what is in our products from farm to consumer. It’s awesome to see our products help the guests that walk through our door. It fills me with joy to know I have a part in helping people relax, manage pain physically and mentally, and overall make their lives better. Everyone that walks through our door makes my day.”